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2012 Vision Expo West


Wednesday's Professional Optical Women's Workshop (POWW) featured speaker, Rebecca Johnson, focused OWA members and guests on the advantages of Eating Healthy . . . On the Job, On the Road, and On the Go, which the OWA followed up by hosting its annual Friday evening raffle and networking reception.

You may click on any photograph to download a high-resolution version. There are two albums below: one for Eating Healthy, and a second album for the Networking Reception.

Eating Healthy . . . On the Job, On the Road, and On the Go
September 5, 2012

Speaker Rebecca Johnson is welcomed by OWA president, Ann Englert.

Samar Shamieh of Signet Armorlite signs up to be an OWA member before the start of the P.O.W.W. event.

OWA president Ann Englert welcomes OWA members and guests to the P.O.W.W. event held on Wednesday, September 5th.

"I was not an expert on eating healthy," said P.O.W.W. speaker Rebecca Johnson.

"I had to begin to live it before I could teach it. I learned a lot, lost 10 pounds, and now I can share what I learned with you," explained Rebecca Johnson.

OWA members and guests participate in the interactive workshop including a Jeopardy game that tested their knowledge of nutrition.

Karen Michaelson, iKare Optical and Clinic Services, Amy Schneider, Eyes of Faith, and Angela Lehmkuhle, National Vision, enjoyed the P.O.W.W. event.

Rhonda Bruce, EMR Logic, Janet Johnson, Ocuco, and Diane Clark, Eyefinity, gathered to share information after the P.O.W.W. event.

Networking Reception
September 7, 2012

OWA board members Sherry Rogerson (l) and Ann Englert (r) welcome OWA founding member Audrey Reed of the Essilor Vision Foundation.

Jenean Carlton congratulates new OWA board member Heather Smith (c) of Vision Web, along with Janelle Pauli (r), Vision Web.

Jobson's Dennis Murphy chats with OWA member Dana Weeks, Optical Services International, and Bruce Solomon of Management Recruiters.

Jobson's Marc Ferrara and Lenor Fowler catch up with Doug Schlauderaff, Walman Optical.

Pam Kirts and Mary Rose Jaszczynski of ClearVision wait for the announcement of the raffle winners.

OWA member Danne Ventura, Essilor, brought Janice Jurkus, OD, Illinois College of Optometry to the networking event.

The ClearVision team lead by Mimi Friedfeld (l) includes Pam Kirts, Mary Rose Jaszczynski, Liz Friedfeld, and Patti Gertzen.

Never ones to miss the OWA networking event are Transitions' Mary O'Hara, Courtney Meyers, Uptown Vision's Jean Sabre, and Transitions' Kay Jensen.

Founding members Christie Walker and Lorinda Fraboni are BFFs and look forward to seeing each other each year at OWA events.

Lorinda Fraboni, Walman Optical welcomes Yvette Carranza of DVI to the networking event.

OWA board member Sherry Rogerson thanks the sponsors and hands out certificates with OWA president, Ann Englert.

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