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Shirley Platzer-Stocks Awarded 13th Annual Pleiades Award


OWA members, guests and industry leaders gathered at the Top of the Standard Hotel to celebrate the awarding of the 13th annual Pleiades Award to Shirley Platzer-Stocks, MBA, owner of SPS Associates and co-owner of The Optical Vision Site. The location of the event was amazing, with views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Special thanks to Marchon for making this event possible and to Vision Expo for providing transportation to the event.

You may click on any photograph to download a high-resolution version.

The spectacular Boom Boom room bar at the top of the Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District.

The new Pleiades Award statue.

Laser-carved branding was spread around the room, including the OWA.

Marchon's Mark Ginsberg congratulates Pleiades Award winner, Shirley Platzer-Stocks.

Shirley celebrates the moment with her husband, Ron Stocks.

Vicki Krall, Shirley's mentor and friend, Ron Stocks, Shirley's husband, Shirley, Tom Nootz, Anne Englert's husband, and OWA president, Anne Englert, gather before the award presentation.

Vicki Krall, Shirley Platzer-Stocks, and OWA president Anne Englert attend the event.

2011 Pleiades Award winner Christie Walker (Jobson Publishing) congratulates the 2012 winner, Shirley Platzer-Stocks.

Past Pleiades recipient Dana Weeks, and OWA board member Sherrie Rogerson enjoy the event.

Jobson's Delia Paunescu and Deirdre Carroll enjoy the view from the Top of the Standard.

Valerie Manso is happy to attend this year's event.

Marchon's Al Berg and Robert Scheinberg welcome Val Scott (Vision Expo) and Victoria Hallberg (Marchon) to the Pleiades event.

Safilo's Tiara Claxton and Gretchen Farina take a moment to enjoy the food and ambiance of the Boom Boom Room.

Donna Van Green (The Vision Council), Shirley Platzer-Stocks, Val Scott (Vision Expo), and Satisloh's Larry Clarke and Kevin Paddy await the announcement of the award.

Rene Soltis (The Vision Council) and Danne Ventura (Essilor), both past Pleiades Award winners, and Linda Chous, OD, catch up at the event.

The Transitions Optical team is all smiles at the OWA event including (l to r) Jessica Hoch, Tracy McQuaid, Courtney Meyers, Christina Wetzel, and Lesley Sillaman.

Corinne McCormack greets OWA sponsors Claudio Gottardi (Marchon) and Mike Hundert (REM).

OWA sponsors, Raanon Naftalovich (Shamir) and Marc Ferrara (Jobson) are ready for the announcement.

OWA president, Anne Englert, welcomes guests to the event.

The Boom Boom Room is filled to capacity as they wait for the presentation of the Pleiades Award.

OWA president, Anne Englert talks about the history of the Pleiades Award.

Shirley Platzer-Stocks accepts the honor of the 13th annual Pleiades Award.

Marchon's Claudio Gottardi thanks everyone for coming.

Lydia Suazo (PPG) and Pam Gibson (Shamir) enjoy the event.

Marina Browne (Devlyn Optical) joins Deb Lochli (Altair/Marchon), Anna Ibay (California Accessories) and Audrey Pavia (Tura) for the celebration.

Safilo OWA members come together at the event including Tiara Claxton, Gretchen Farina, and Jaimie LaFrano.

On Saturday, a champagne toast was raised by 2011 Pleiades winner Christie Walker, 2012 Pleiades winner Shirley Platzer-Stocks, and 2010 Pyxis honoree, Lorinda Fraboni.

Marchon's Mark Ginsberg raises a toast to 2012 Pleiades winner Shirley Platzer-Stocks on the show floor.

OWA president Anne Englert, Marchon's Mark Ginsberg, and 2012 Pleiades winner Shirley Platzer-Stocks raise a toast to a successful event.

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